from nectar flowers ... to a sweet elixir

Meloma honey is excellent quality honey from the mountainous areas of Chania, it is natural and raw to preserve all the nutrients and the aromas of nature

Thyme Honey

It is considered to be of excellent quality honey, belongs to the flowers honey category and stands out because of its intense aromatic and flavor characteristics. It has tonic and antiseptic properties and its appearance is very attractive. Our thyme honey is harvested from the area of the Samaria National Park, and apart from thyme it contains malotira as well as rare and exquisite herbs of Cretan flora.

Pinethyme Honey

It is a natural blend of thyme honey with pine honey. It is produced in Crete and derives from the special management of bee colonies and the coexistence of late flowering thyme with melitoccerals originating from the Marchalina hellenica L insect, which is parasitic mainly in the trachea (Pinus brutia Ten) and the pine (Pinus halepensis Mill).

Citrus Honey

It has aroma, color and orange flavor. Bees love those flowers that carry the same scent of gardenia, they collect the nectar from the orange blossoms and from which a very aromatic, light and very light honey is produced. Orange honey is famous for its cosmetic properties and its anxiolytic and soothing effect.

Carob Honey

It is harvested from the carob blossoms in the mountainous regions of Chania and is a rare honey with a very intense and special aroma. It is rich in phosphorus, sodium and in enzyme dimensioned due to the low PH containing and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It is indicated for anxiety, insomnia, indigestion, hypertension and upper respiratory illnesses.

Honey from the mountainous areas of Chania

natural and raw, directly from the hive

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